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Attack Spider by Birds-Away

Product Code: WCSAS-S

Price: $14.95

Attack Spider is a bird deterrent, especially suited for deterring wood damaging woodpeckers. Operates on 2 "AA" size alkaline batteries (not included). Works best when mounted under an eave or soffit.  Since the Attack Spider is NOT weather resistant it is best to protect it from the elements by anchoring it to the underside of an overhang by utilizing a screw that causes the spider to retract into a plastic container such as a tupperware bowl.  This sound activated device drops down suddenly when a bird starts pecking (drumming) on the structure. Its legs move wildly and it emits a sound which frightens the bird away from the area.


Attack Spiders® are best placed close to the woodpecker attack site. Hang the spider about 6" from walls so it can freely drop and climb.

For large problem areas, use one Attack Spider® every 10 feet. Attack Spiders placed less than 10 feet apart will sound-activate each other. If a woodpecker is attacking on two different sides of the house, install an Attack Spider® at each location.

The Attack Spider® is operated by 2 AA batteries, not included. The battery compartment is on the SIDE of the spider, under a Velcro flap. DO NOT unscrew the bottom cover, as the legs will fall off (and you will have a puzzle to put back together). The batteries last about two months under normal use.

The noise made by Attack Spiders is a gear sound, and not electronically generated.

1. Hook Installation

Suggested tools:
• Drill + bit for starter holes
• Ladder

Materials needed:
• 1 screw hook

Hang the spider by the metal ring tied to the end of the web string on a hook above the woodpecker damage. Turn the power switch to the "on" position during woodpecker activity.


2. Pulley Install

Suggested tools:
• Drill and bit for starter holes
• Ladder

Materials needed:
• 2 eye screws or 2 screw-hooks.
• String or cord (use double length)

• Match the string color to the color of your house.

Hang the spider under the eave of your home where the bird is attacking. If your eaves are high, use a pulley system which will allow for maintenance. Make the string long enough so you can lower the spider to change the batteries without the use of a ladder. It is important to position the spider at least 6" away from the wall so that its legs do not grab the siding when climbing back up the string. Keep the spider dry. Use enough units to adequately protect the areas being attacked; we recommend 1 unit every 10 feet. You can check the batteries by clapping to see if the spider drops.

  • Unique, effective solution to woodpecker damage
  • Sound-activated. Drops fast when woodpecker pecks
  • Makes gear-based sound while dropping
  • Can drive a woodpecker off a nesting hole
  • Used by wildlife control professionals
  • Low cost

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Target Species: Woodpeckers
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Attack Spider by Birds-Away

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