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Booger Retriever

Product Code: WCSBGR

Price: $29.95

The Booger Retriever will allow you to "retrieve" almost anything you drop without having to set foot on good old terra firma. It's lightweight, pocket-sized and made of durable 1/8" hardened steel.  When set, the weight of the Booger will trip the spring-loaded trigger and close its fingers around the dropped item. Holds up to 25 lbs.

Originally designed for hunters in treestands, it is also useful for retrieving items or small animals from inaccessible areas such as flues, vents, wall cavities, etc.  A great addition for your toolbox.

Note:  Booger Cord Sold Separately. 

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Ever drop a flashlight down a wall space, or need to retrieve a dead animal in a confined space ?  The Booger Retriever is just the answer !  Keep one on your truck ! The BOOGER retriever is made of 1/8" steel, right here in the good old USA.  To set the BOOGER, simply open the fingers and insert the trigger ears into the holes on each side.  When the trigger hits the object to be retrieved, the fingers will enclose the item and you can bring it back up to you.  Each BOOGER is packaged with an O-ring to use when retrieving smooth-surfaced objects, such as arrows and water bottles, etc.  The O-ring is attached over the end two fingers and the shoulder, then set as usual.  The O-ring is not necessary when retrieving most other objects.

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Weight: .40 lbs. (.13 Kg)
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Booger Retriever

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