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Crown Vent Guard

Product Code: WCSVG101

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Protect your home with The Crown VentGuard:


The waste system in your home requires full air flow through the roof vent. If your roof venting system is clogged, your plumbing system will not work properly. Sinks, toilets and showers will not drain correctly. Your home may fill with very unpleasant odors!

Note: Fits 3" PVC roof stacks.  PVC reducer coupling required for smaller stacks.


The CrownVentGuard prevents debris, squirrels, rodents and birds from nesting inside roof ventilation, main stack vents and unscreened vent pipes.

Three Step Installation:

Step: #1 Place unit onto vent pipe after removing the top of the cap (The part with all the holes. Push down and turn clockwise to separate from the base. Use a needlenose pliers if needed).

Step: #2 Using a rubber mallet, tap the base unit onto the vent pipe. For best results use a block of wood six inches long (a 2 by 4 is good). Apply the wood block on top of base unit. Using the flat wood block will provide an even accurate fit onto the vent pipe. Tap on the wood block with the rubber mallet tapping into place the base unit onto the vent pipe. For a permanent custom fit apply PVC cement pipe glue inside the base fitting before applying base unit onto vent pipe.

Step: #3 Attach the vent cap onto the base by rotating counter-clockwise to secure and lock the vent cap onto the base unit. To unlock the vent cap top from the base unit, rotate the vent cap clockwise. For best results use rubber-tip needlenose pliers. Insert pliers into the vent cap vent holes to twist vent cap on & off the base unit.

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Crown Vent Guard

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