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Skunk Damage and Odor Control

One of the most common complaints regarding skunks during the summer months is “grubbing” of lawns.

While grubs are certainly high on their preferred food list, this damage may be from the skunks searching for worms and other insects. This damage usually occurs from mid-summer and fall and the damage can be severe sometimes in just one or two nights.

Wildlife Control Supplies, January 10, 2024

Biology and Behavior of the Striped Skunk

Let’s start by learning a little about the Striped Skunks biology and behavior.

In most of the country, striped skunks breed from February- mid-April. Male skunks will travel many miles looking for females that are in estrous. Males are highly competitive and often fight over receptive females, sometimes resulting in one spraying. Female skunks will spray unwanted visiting males if she is not feeling receptive...

Wildlife Control Supplies, January 03, 2024

All About Flying Squirrels

Life History and Control Methods of the Southern (Glaucomys sabrinus) and Northern (Glacucomys volans) Flying Squirrels

Trapping flying squirrels is a relatively easy affair as they do not seem to be afraid of new things and are easily attracted to the scent of lures and baits. Rat size snap traps and a good bait like WCS™ NB, WCS™ Fruit and Nut, or ACP Rednecks Pride Gotter Dun are very efficient...

Wildlife Control Supplies, December 19, 2023

Rodents and Moving Indoors

Rodents are gearing up for their migration indoors

Our newest rodent control product is Metex RatTape, Rat & Mouse Proofing Tape is an innovative rodent proofing tape that incorporates a dense stainless mesh. This seriously tough rat and mouse proofing tape has two layers of butyl tape that "sandwiches" a dense stainless steel mesh core...

Wildlife Control Supplies, November 20, 2023

All Things WCS™

All things WCS: New, Rediscovered and Overlooked Products

Here at Wildlife Control Supplies (WCS) we are always looking for products to help you become more efficient and profitable while conducting wildlife control projects. Here are some new products we have added recently to our inventory...

Wildlife Control Supplies, October 24, 2023

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