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Avian Laser Deterents

by Jeffrey Shaw • March 06, 2024


Many bird control programs and issues can be greatly improved with the use of the proper lasers. There is a big difference in using professional equipment and procedures verses ordering lasers off the internet and using them haphazardly on birds. Wildlife Control Supplies offers multiple lasers for different applications. Using lasers to direct birds toward a mist net or out of dark corners can greatly speed up removal in large open buildings. Using a laser to harass resting waterfowl and roosting, starlings, pigeons and Corvids (birds related to crows such as ravens and jays) can be very successful. Lasers such as the Fly Away 30mW will be most effective in very low light conditions and interior applications. Lasers like the Fly Away 50mW will work best within a few hours of sunset and sundown, on very overcast days, and in other low light conditions. Only lasers like the AVIX Handheld 500 mW and the Avix Automatic will work in bright sunny conditions. For commercial and agricultural applications, the Avix Automatic is a great option. This is an automated system for agricultural use such as berry farms, aquaculture and also commercial sites including solar panels, roof tops and industrial sites.

Pro Tips:

  • Move your laser steadily about the pace of a fast walking human
  • Use zig zag motions
  • Repeatedly treat roost sites at dawn and dusk
  • Never point lasers at a people, aircraft, or vehicles
  • Always follow all laws and regulations including OSHA

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