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Chimney Coon Removal System

Product Code: NWS00701

Price: $725.00

The Chimney Coon Removal System makes the job of removing families of raccoons from chimneys easy & safe. More importantly, it turns what is typically a "multiple visit" task to a "one visit" transaction. Instead of setting a trap, waiting for the adult female raccoon to be captured, then returning and removing the young, now you can utilize the Chimney Coon Removal System and complete the job on your initial visit. Improves customer satisfaction and your bottom line!

This system was invented by Rich Daniotti of W. Hartford, CT. in the mid 80's. Rich wanted an efficient, safe method of removing raccoons from chimneys on the first job visit.


  • Capture cage
  • 20 Chimney rods
  • All connectors
  • 2 Chimney brushes
  • Anchoring strap
  • Bungee cords
  • Chimney Coon Removal DVD

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Chimney Coon Removal System

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