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All things WCS: New, Rediscovered and Overlooked Products

Here at Wildlife Control Supplies (WCS) we are always looking for products to help you become more efficient and profitable while conducting wildlife control projects. Here are some new products we have added recently to our inventory...

by Wildlife Control Supplies • October 24, 2023


Here at Wildlife Control Supplies (WCS) we are always looking for products to help you become more efficient and profitable while conducting wildlife control projects. Here are some new products we have added recently to our inventory.

The Pitch Hopper is a great new tool designed by roofers to reduce daily fatigue and increase productivity. This device is designed to allow a temporary working surface using friction to keep it in place even on a 12:12 pitched roof. Pitch Hoppers come in two sizes, 24” and 32” and are very lightweight and easy to transport. This is a product you will never want to leave the shop without! It is very important to always wear a safety harness when working on a roof.

Pitch Hopper® Roof Wedge : 4746

Another great product to assist with roof work is the Snaplok Foldable Roof Platform. The platform comes with chain, snaphooks, and ridge hook. It has telescoping legs and works on roofs up to 10/12 pitch with a 330lb capacity. These platforms are lightweight, easy to handle, and fold quickly for transport.

The roof we have at customers requests added the Levelok Open Rung Standoff Bracket. These lightweight standout stabilizers weigh in at only 1.5 lbs. and can be attached to most extension ladders with open rungs having an inside diameter pf 1 inch or greater. To attach them simply compress the two bracket ends and slip them into the rung openings. They are held securely in place by friction and the angle of the bracket. To detach, just compress and pull. These standouts will provide exceptional stability for the top- of the ladder, minimizing lateral rocking or movement.

Levelok Open Rung Standoff Bracket : 4815

One more product to keep you safe is the Ladder M8rix Pro-Plus. This device secures the base of the ladder safely by reducing the risk of the foot of the ladder slipping. The Ladder M8trix Pro can be used om many surfaces outside, including snow and ice, but with the added accessory of heavy-duty rubber on the underside of heavy-duty rubber on the underside of its carrying case it can also be used indoors. Simply open the carrying case, leaving the Ladder M8rix Pro-Plus in place, and it can be used on ceramic, marble, laminate, vinal, and even glass flooring. To use it outdoors just remove it from the case and place it on outdoor surfaces. The Pro-Plus has a rubber anti-slip top where the ladders feet are placed with a metal spiked base to help grip on slippery surfaces. We also carry the Ladder M8rix Pro which is recommended for outdoor use only.

We have added some new exclusion and repair items to help you with seal up jobs. The Quarrix ProBoot Pipe Flashing is an all-steel weatherproof pipe flashing that protects against plumbing. Still on the roof the Quarrix ProBoot Pipe Flashing is an all-steel weatherproof pipe flashing that protects against plumbing vent leaks through extreme weather conditions for the life of the roof. The Quarrix Pipe Boot’s Tightlock Top grips the pipe and forms a weather-tight seal for a faster install. A telescoping sleeve allows for varying pipe heights, roof expansion, and works to combat frost in cold climates. Engendered to provide an air gap between the pipe and covered side walls this prevents frost and freezing over the top. The lead free top and steel construction greatly reduce the likely of animal entry. Available in two styles standard pitch for roofs 3:12 to 8:12, and high pitch for 8:12 to 14:12 allowing for a custom fit. Available in for size depending on the PVD diameter, coming in 1½”, 2”, 3”, and 4”. Available in black but are easily paintable.

Another great product by Quarrix is the Smart Roof Patch, a great solution for covering holes in the roof in a fast and efficient manner. Made of heavy-duty 24-gauge galvanized steel with a reinforced backside that can hold more than 700 lbs. The SmartPlug fits standard sized holes left by box, slant-back and turbine vents. Great for patching raccoon and squirrel holes in the roof. Available in 8” and 12” sizes.

Quarrix™ Smart Plug Roof Patch 8

HY-C has per our request manufactured the new tight mesh roof vent guard measuring 18”x18” base x 7” height. These vent covers prevent raccoons, squirrels, mice and bats from entering these vents. They are constructed of a heavy-duty woven mesh that animals cannot chew through. The tight mesh design is even effective in preventing stinkbugs and stinging insects from gaining entry. This is a professional exclusion solution with a 7-year limited warranty. One last item you should take a look at to assist with exclusion work is the Metex RatTape. This is an innovative rodent proofing tape that incorporates a dense stainless-steel mesh sandwiched between two layers of butyl tape. It is non-toxic, sticky, flexible and virtually impenetrable to rodents. This product is great for covering gaps, cracks, and holes sticking to most building materials. It is 1.98” wide and available in two lengths, 1 m (3.28 ft) or 5M (16.4 ft) and can be painted to match surrounding building materials.

We have added to our line of WCS cage traps by adding the WCS Special Pro-24 cage trap. The WCS™ Special PRO-24 Cage Trap was designed by WCS for professionals, meeting our exact specifications. Not available anywhere else, this trap is a special value and has features professionals are looking for in a skunk-sized commercial-grade trap.

  • Lower portion and back are constructed of 1/2" x 1" mesh which makes for a very durable trap and prevents animals from pulling up dirt and debris into the trap.
  • The Special PRO-24 is able to stand up to the rigors of day-to-day use by professionals.
  • This trap has a simplified locking mechanism and finger grip, allowing you to set the trap or open the door release with one hand.
  • Pan has a beveled back for added strengths and is protected by lift guards on either side.
  • Sliding rear door for easy baiting and release of captured animal.
WCS™ Special PRO-24 Cage Trap (Rear Release) : 4775

We are bringing the SB-357 Raptor Magnetic Trap Holder back into inventory. This trap holder allows for easy attachment to any surface made of steel or iron. Just push your snap tarp (sold separately) into place and the two powerful magnets will give you more that 19 pounds of holding power. No more zip ties or wiring to secure your trap.

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